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“Corporate Cynicism Hour”
Wednesday, July 18th at 9:30PM
at The Tank NYC
Tickets on sale now!

We’re putting on our pleated pants and firing up Microsoft Office Suite to bring office themed sketch comedy hilarity! Come see this show and then talk about it around the water cooler the next day!

Or don’t, and let the existential angst build inside until you flip your desk and storm out, screaming about how Kevin in finance hangs out in the kitchen too much and chews way too loudly.

The choice is yours!

Realistically absurd, depressingly uplifting, socially unique.
We’re Maya, Ariel, Bill, and Matt, some cool comedians with dreams to spare!

Welcome to Dave’s Friends, a fully collaborative sketch comedy group in New York City.

Dave’s Friends does both live performances and digital sketch videos.
Visit our YouTube channel to check out our full collection of videos, and e-mail therealdavesfriends@gmail.com for information on upcoming shows.

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